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Foot blisters can form when a number of conditions occur in your boot/shoe. These conditions are heat, moisture and movement that generates damaging skin shear and friction. Anyone wearing boots/shoes will experience all these to different degrees depending on the micro atmosphere within the footwear including temperature, moisture and of course their level of exertion.
ArmaSkin anti-blister second skin socks ( liner socks) address all these conditions that cause blisters:

  • The inner surface of the sock has a silicon polymer friction coating which gently adheres to the skin and PREVENTS any FRICTION that can occur naturally between socks and skin. Any friction generated in the boot/shoe is absorbed by the outer fabric.
  • The polymer coating is macro porous and hydrophobic (water hating) therefore REPELS MOISTURE away from the skin keeping it drier.
  • Better HEAT dissipation is achieved thanks to the hydrophobic/ hydrophilic moisture management. i.e one side of the fabric is water hating the other side is water loving.
  • The Si fusion polymer coating gently adheres to the skin and importantly shares skin shear forces across wider surface areas of skin thus reducing damage. 

In addition the Silicon fusion polymer is bacteria static so the socks can be worn for prolonged periods of time. 

Wash them with your normal clothes but avoid using bleach, fabric softener or sending them to the dry cleaners.

If you are concerned that your hike or run could be ruined by blisters then ArmaSkin anti-blister liner socks should be THE FIRST THING you put on your feet.
  • 2-8 = EU36-38.5
  • 6-10 = EU37.5-45
  • 11-14 = EU 43+
How to Use
Step 1: Note that ArmaSkin socks comprise a left sock and a right sock. The sock is worn so that the seams are on the outside. The mildly sticky Si Fusion coating is against the skin with the smooth fabric of the sock facing out.
Step 2: Roll ArmaSkin onto feet. The sock should stretch evenly over the foot and ankle. Smooth out any excessive wrinkles. The heel seams should be sitting neatly around the heel.
Step 3: As Armaskin are liner socks, fit your normal socks over the top of ArmaSkin.
Step 4: Fit shoes normally.
Staff Review - Sophie 18-03-2017 01:32

When I was first introduced to ArmaSkin socks I was apprehensive about how something so rubbery could be comfortable on a long hike. Even after first putting them on, they did feel a bit sticky but as soon as I started started walking they felt very comfortable. As someone prone to getting blisters I was amazed that after a 20km day hike I was blister free!
I would and will be recommending these socks to anyone who suffers from blisters.

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