Exped SIM Comfort 5 M

Article number: EX-003
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These self inflating mats are extremely comfortable for use in basecamp or in a camper van, but can also be used as guest beds at home. Extra thick and with a velvety face fabric for comfort. Hollow cores reduce weight and packed size. The LW models feature Velcro strips along the side seam which allow two or more mats to be coupled together.

  • Temperature: -15 °C
  • R-Value: 4.60
  • Thickness: 5 cm
  • Length: 183 cm
  • Shoulder Width: 50 cm
  • Foot Width: 50 cm
  • Weight Mat: 865 g
  • Weight Packsack: 30 g
  • Packed height: 27 cm
  • Packed diameter: 18 cm
  • Pack volume: 7.3 l
  • Product contents: Mat, Packsack, Repair kit, instruction sheet, Repair manual
  • Warranty: 5 years


Store your mat unrolled and with open valves in a dry, cool and dark place such as under your bed or the attic.

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