One Planet Winter Lite -16 Sleeping Bag

Article number: OP-SB0001-Blk/Red-Reg 700Loft
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The Winter Lite is the most thermally-efficient shell we make with a water-resistant outer – a must for anyone heading above the snowline. The mummy shape hugs the body, eliminating dead space, whilst the vertical baffles stop unintentional down movement over the course of the night. Super breathable, water resistant Pertex Endurance forms the outer, and the inner is made from sexy, silky and lightweight 15-denier Vapour Vent. Features a three-dimensional neck muff which helps keep your warm air in.

700+ loft DWR-treated duck down is our best value down, used for applications where minimum weight and packed size are not critical. Sleeping bags filled with this down are around $50 cheaper than their 800+ loft counterparts and around 100 grams heavier.

800+ loft DWR-treated duck down is our premium choice – a must for the gram counters. This high-lofting white duck down delivers luxurious warmth at a fine, feathery weight. This down has excellent compactability and loft recovery.

DWR DOWN. This down has been selected to meet our rigorous standards, with a durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment applied after the cleaning and sorting process.

The benefits of DWR DOWN are:

  • It absorbs less water in damp conditions
  • It retains higher loft (insulation) in damp conditions
  • It dries faster

These sleeping bags are filled to order in Melbourne, dramatically reducing the time each bag spends compressed in its stuff sack. (In contrast, other brands are usually stored tightly squashed for months in transit from Asia, then for who knows how long on the shelf.) Filling to order ensures quality control and gives the customer the freshest down possible. 

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