About us

At Adventure-Link, we have a long and respected heritage which spans a quarter of a century.

Glenferrie Road was our birthplace and to this day we still cherish the envied relationship we have with our many and varied customers and contacts. The trading name may be evolving from Snowgum to Adventure-Link but the faces and the souls live on.

We have for years been serving the local community including the school groups, scouting members and bush walking clubs.

We pride ourselves in offering some of the best travel and outdoor brands available in Australia  and specialise  in their presentation to the customer. Product ranges including Icebreaker, The North Face, Patagonia, Teva, Keen, Pacsafe and Snowgum are featured on our walls and shelves. Of most importance, our Melbourne based manufacturers and suppliers One Planet and Wilderness Wear will always remain proudly in the stores.

With the evolution of Adventure-Link comes our move to the 21st century – the introduction of  direct marketing and the option of on-line sales. We look forward to an expansion of the business in these areas.

However, the core of our business is – and will always be – the face to face contact we make with you, our respected customers. Please keep the relationship alive and drop in and talk to our team – Michelle, Sophie, Anna, Melissa, Tegan and Chelsea any time.

Best wishes,

Ian and Graeme